Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

"The therapists who really listen!"

A strictly confidential and gentle approach to help with emotional problems.

Feeling 'messed up' confused, out of sorts, not knowing which way to turn?

Need someone to talk to? ... What's the problem?

I offer confidential counselling to help you with any emotional problems you are experiencing.

Often people don’t know what their problem is. They feel stuck; keep repeating past mistakes and following the same old patterns. Sometimes they know what the problem is about, but still are unable to feel any differently. They want to move on, but don’t know how, they want something to change, but what’s stopping them? They need a safe place to face the difficulties in their life. Talking through your problems can be hard but with a therapist 'who really listens’ without judgement, can be of great benefit in itself.

What is Emotional Therapeutic Counselling?

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is a means of helping people who are suffering emotional turmoil in their lives, whether brought on by a crisis, a long term situation, persistent unhappiness, apathy or difficulties in relating to others. Emotional Therapeutic  Counselling holds the belief that emotional well-being is a key to a happy fulfilling life.  

How does Emotional Therapeutic Counselling help?

Its aim is to help clients understand why they have been feeling the way they have and to help find the underlying cause of their problem once and for all, to help them make the choice, to choose to move on to a wholeness, peace of mind and a happier life.  A key aspect of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling is the range of techniques that can if necessary be used by the therapist to assist the client to both recognise and release painful feelings in an appropriate manner, by working with the emotions rather than the mind. The therapy goes at the client’s pace, and the number of sessions varies according to the client’s needs.


Where am I

I am based in Stratford-upon-Avon and I am easily accessible to the surrounding areas including:

  • Coventry
  • Leamington Spa
  • Nuneaton
  • Redditch
  • Warwick
  • Worcester

For information about my counselling sessions or to discuss any family issues you are experiencing please get in touch .

Looking for some advice? For a professional therapist to help you with your emotional problems, call me today on
01789 266 147

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