Are you struggling to control your emotions?

Speaking to a counsellor can help.

Speaking to a counsellor can help, there is nothing to fear and talking about your problems can be hard and at times painful, but in a relaxed environment in which I offer, makes it easier to open up and becomes your own safe place to, ‘just be you’.

Talking through your problems can help

Over the years I have listened and guided clients on many different emotional problems including:

  • Low self-esteem 
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety issues
  • Transition and change
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger issues
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship issues
  • Couple Counselling
  • Infidelity

The sessions

I offer one to one counselling and couple counselling, the length of a session depends on the individual and how busy their life is, the majority of my clients get far more out of having counselling for one and a half to two hours every three to four weeks rather than an hour every week but it is down to the individual and what they are most comfortable with.

  • I offer an empathetic approach to help and guide my clients with whatever difficulties they may be facing
  • I am a fully qualified counsellor with an Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
  • I am an accredited member of The National Counselling Society
  • I have over 19 years successful experience working with a range of clients and have helped people deal with all types of emotional issues
  • I am a qualified Supervisor and Mentor for the Foundation of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling
  • My counselling sessions are held in a very calm, relaxed and welcoming environment
  • All sessions are strictly confidential   

For more information about how I can help you with your emotional problems and  family issues  please give me a call .

Having emotional problems? For support and advice with abuse, anxiety, anger or stress, call me today on
01789 266 147

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